The Better Halves Club welcome any significant other of any Columbia Business School student to welcome them to the community. See the many advantages of linking in with other family members by viewing this program video..

Starting graduate school can be a big adjustment for anyone, and that goes double for a student’s spouse, partner, or children—particularly when moving to a new city. While the transition can seem daunting, the Office of Student Affairs is committed to helping students and their families alike become part of the Columbia Business School community.

As an additional resource, a student-led interest group, Columbia’s Better Halves, creates venues for significant others, fiancées/fiancés, spouses, and families of students to meet one another. They help those who recently moved to New York develop a social network and help locals expand their circle of friends.

Activities include family-friendly events such as Halloween Family Day, playground events, dinners, cultural excursions, and an important orientation initiative to better prepare partners for the demands of an MBA education.

In addition, Columbia Business School events and programs such as Fall Ball, Spring Fling, Holiday Party for Kids, Happy Hour, Coffee House, Follies, and community service are all important traditions at Columbia Business School and a great way to meet people and become involved in the Business School community. These events are run by students and happen throughout the year.

For those new to the area, New York is an exciting place, and it offers plenty to do, including museums, neighborhoods, transportation, and more. We encourage you to make the most of your time in this amazing city and look forward to getting to know you.