Michel Pham delivers a lecture during the annual BRITE conference

Why Columbia?

The Very Center of Marketing Research

Ranked by UT Dallas Business School Research Rankings as #1 in the world in marketing research productivity for the 2018-2021 period, Columbia Marketing faculty members published 46 articles in the top-tier academic journals* in those 4 years. Current or previous PhD students were co-authors on more than half of those articles.

Columbia Marketing has a long history of producing the most innovative and influential research in the field. Our faculty and students have won numerous awards in recognition of pioneering research in marketing, including the John D. C. Little Best Paper Award, the Long-Term Impact Award, the Frank Bass Best Dissertation Paper Award, AMA’s Paul Green Best Paper Award, and AMA’s Marketing Research Sig Award. Students frequently win Marketing Science Institute’s (MSI’s) Alden G. Clayton Best Dissertation Proposal Award, the ACR-Sheth Dissertation Proposal Award, the Sheth-ACR Dissertation Public Purpose Award, and Weitz-Winer-O'Dell Award.

* Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, and Marketing Science




Engage with the Leading Scholars

At Columbia Marketing, students engage with the most highly recognized scholars in the field. Columbia Marketing has two Faculty Fellows of ACR, two of SCP, as well as one fellow of AMA and ISMS. Eight of our faculty have been nominated as MSI “Young Scholars” and “Scholars.”

Our faculty are also actively serving the major editorial board positions for the top-tier scholarly journals and leadership roles for academic societies. These include:

  • Professor Gita Johar (Past President for Society for Consumer Psychology)
  • Professor Vicki Morwitz (Editor-in-Chief for Journal of the Association for Consumer Research)
  • Professor Bernd Schmitt (Editor-in-Chief for Journal of Consumer Research)
  • Professor Olivier Toubia (Editor-in-Chief for Marketing Science)

Learn Broadly from a Range of Expertise

Students learn from the wide variety of our faculty’s theoretical and methodological expertise. Students learn to tackle a variety of substantive, theoretical, and methodological issues from diverse perspectives by engaging with 9 faculty whose primary approach is quantitative and 10 faculty whose primary approach is behavioral. 

Faculty members have broad interests, including buyer behavior, marketing strategies, marketing planning and information systems, advertising, choice modeling, innovation and new products, brands, social media, and artificial intelligence and data analytics.



Work Closely with Top-class Faculty

From the moment they arrive on campus, students are paired with two faculty members with whom they apprentice each year. Over the next 3 years, students are exposed to multiple faculty members with this arrangement. This mentorship system has been key to our PhD students' success on the academic job market.

PhD students actively engage in research projects under the guidance of faculty members. Recent research papers with PhD students include: 

  • Castelo, Noah, Martin Bos, and Donald R. Lehmann, “Task Dependent Algorithm Aversion,” Journal of Marketing Research, 2019.
  • Dew, Ryan, Yang Li and Asim Ansari “Modeling Dynamic Heterogeneity Using Gaussian Processes,” Journal of Marketing Research, 2020.
  • Jun, Youjung, and Gita V. Johar, “Social Marginalization Motivates Indiscriminate Sharing of COVID-19 News on Social Media,” Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, forthcoming
  • Melumad, Shiri and Michel Tuan Pham, “The Smartphone as a Pacifying Technology, “ Journal of Consumer Research, 2020.
  • Netzer, Oded, Alain Lemaire, and Michal Herzenstein, “When Words Sweat: Written Words Can Predict Loan Default,” Journal of Marketing Research, 2019.

Be Part of A Vibrant Intellectual Community

Every week, PhD students are exposed to cutting-edge marketing research by attending the Marketing Division research seminar series. Students also benefit from the Behavioral and Quant Lab Meetings, where they discuss and workshop research ideas in a collaborative environment.

Students also have the privilege of connecting with the broader intellectual community at Columbia University. They can attend various cross-divisional seminars at CBS such as the Cognition and Decision Seminar Series and take courses in leading departments of the university such as Psychology, Economics, Computer Science, Political Science, Statistics, etc.

Columbia Marketing students also benefit from a unique opportunity to connect with the broader marketing community at the Four School Marketing Conference every year, joining students and faculty at New York University, Wharton, and Yale.