Division Project Title Faculty Sponsor(s)
Accounting Investment Performance Ann Heinrichs
DRO Modeling and Simulation of User Generated Content Dynamics Assaf Zeevi
Economics A Cross-Country Microdata Study of Job Search Behavior and Job Transitions Christian Moser

Andreas Mueller
Economics Long-term Consequences of the Institutional Changes that Occurred During the Late Medieval Ages Charles Angelucci
Economics Academia’s Influence on Policymakers: Evidence from International Trade Research Amit Khandelwal
Finance Bargaining and Profits with Dispersed Information Olivier Darmouni
Finance Picking Your Friends Before Picking a Fight Wei Jiang
Finance Corporate Finance Theory Book Project Neng Wang

Patrick Bolton
Finance Impact of Bank Financing Shocks on Innovation Tania Babina
Management The Effects of Race on Synchrony in Cooperative and Competitive Contexts Modupe Akinola
Management Physiological Correlates and Behavioral Consequences of Secrecy Michael Slepian

Modupe Akinola
Management Hierarchy and Diversity Adam Galinsky
Management Behavioral Responses to Companies’ Engagement in Initiatives to Mitigate Climate Change Vanessa Burbano
Management Meaning of Work Across the World and Over Time Stephan Meier
Management Experimental Strategy Bo Cowgill
Management The Divergent Effects of Blindness and Awareness Ideologies on Race and Gender Kathy Philips
Management Negotiations Malia Mason