Project Title

Faculty Sponsor(s)


U.S. Hedge Funds and Sovereign Debt

Sharon Katz

Decision Risk & Operations

Building a Representative Discontinuity Design

Jose Zubizaretta

Decision Risk & Operations

Public Housing Assignment Policy

Jacob Leshno

Finance & Economics

Bond and Stock Factors

Andrew Ang

Finance & Economics

Book Project on Corporate Finance

Neng Wang

Patrick Bolton

Finance & Economics

Collective Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Charles Angelucci

Finance & Economics

Effect of the Internet on Firms and Economic Activity in Africa

Quality Upgrading and Relational Contracts in Peru

Jonas Hjort

Finance & Economics

How Quickly do Markets Learn? Private Information Dissemination in a Natural Experiment

Wei Jiang

Finance & Economics

Job Search Behavior Among the Employed and Unemployed

Andi Mueller

Finance & Economics

On the Distributional Consequences of Monetary Policy

Marco Di Maggio

Finance & Economics

The Effects of Credit Frictions and Monetary Policy on the Real Economy

Enrichetta Ravina

Emi Nakamura

Jon Steinsson (Econ)

Finance & Economics

The Global Labor Market: Evidence from LinkedIn's "Big" Data

Amit Khandelwal

Finance & Economics

The Macroeconomic Impacts of Microfinance

Emily Breza

Finance & Economics

Variable Annuities

Gur Huberman


Corporate Culture

Stephan Meier


Diversity as an Engine for Ethical Decision Making

Katherine Phillips


Growth of Open Data Companies

Sheena Iyengar


Hierarchy and Diversity

Adam Galinsky


Homophily in Physician Referral Networks

Jerry Kim


Reframing Delegation: Framing Delegation as Other Oriented to Minimize the Gender Gap

Modupe Akinola


When and Why do Business Techniques Stick?

Eric Abrahamson


Ephemeral Messaging

Ran Kivetz


The Globalization of Media Markets as a Result of the Internet

Miklos Sarvary