Project Title

Faculty Sponsor(s)

Accounting Short Disclosures/PE Fund Performance Anne Heinrichs
DRO Simulation of Preventative Care Jing Dong

Carri Chan
Economics Wage Setting Culture of Multinational Firms Jonas Hjort
Economics Public Policies and Their Impact on Health Ann Bartel
Economics The Medieval Roots of Inclusive Institutions: From the Norman Conquest of England to the Great Reform Act Charles Angelucci
Finance Effect of Passively Managed Money on the Efficiency of Capital Markets Wei Jiang
Finance How do Lobbyists Influence the Rulemaking of Financial Regulation? Kairong Xiao
Finance Book Project on Corporate Finance Theory Neng Wang

Patrick Bolton
Finance Currency Return Predictability Harry Mamaysky

Charles Calomiris
Finance Impact of Bank Financing Shocks on Reallocation of Inventors and Innovativeness Tania Babina
Management Synchrony and Workspace Design in Organizations Modupe Akinola
Management Multiple Projects Adam Galinsky
Management Construal Level in Homogeneous and Diverse Group Decision Making Contexts Kathy Philips
Management Exploring the Foundations of Creativity and Success in Music Michael Mauskapf
Management Effect of Cultural Constructs on Corporate Social Responsibility Vanessa Burbano
Management Field Experiments in Hiring Bo Cowgill

Dan Wang
Management Effects of Unionization on Firm Strategy Dongil Kim
Marketing The Evidence of a News Aggregator Capture: Evidence from Russia Andrey Simonov