Division Project Title Faculty Sponsor(s)
Accounting Biased Tax Assessments/Vocal Signals Anne Heinrichs
Accounting Mandatory Disclosure and Share Liquidity: Evidence from Private U.S. Bank Holding Companies Urooj Khan

Doron Nissim
DRO Simulation of Acuity-Based Staffing in Intensive Care Units Jing Dong

Carri Chan
DRO Optimal Assortment in Online Marketplaces Fanyin Zheng

Yash Kanoria
Economics Anchoring of Wages by Multinational Firms/Research-to-Policy Transmission Jonas Hjort
Economics Regulation of the News Media Charles Angelucci

Matt Backus
Finance Forecasting Currency Returns from News Data Harry Mamaysky

Charles Calomiris
Finance What Motivates Institutional Investors to Cast Informed Votes Wei Jiang
Finance Consumer Debt Michaela Pagel
Finance Financing Superstar Firms Olivier Darmouni
Finance Quantitative vs. Discretionary Funds Simona Abis
Finance How Does Litigation of Non-compete Contracts Affect the Firm and its Workers? Tania Babina
Finance Information, Trading, and Asset Prices Anton Lines
Management Executive Compensation Design and Innovation Dynamics Daniel Keum
Management Entrepreneurial Commitment and its Limits Jorge Guzman
Management Gender Pay Equality in the UK Labor Market Mabel Abraham
Management Actors & Architects: How to Inspire Others & Design Better Worlds

The Double-edged Thinker: How to Always be Two Steps Ahead
Adam Galinsky
Management Field Experiments in Hiring Bo Cowgill
Marketing Ethical Judgement Kamel Jedidi
Marketing Effect of Video Game Lotteries on Consumers: Addictive or Advantageous? Andrey Simonov