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The Mendelson Center for Undergraduate Business Initiatives is a joint program between Columbia College and Columbia Business School that has been funded by a generous gift from the Mendelson family. The program offers exceptional undergraduates exclusive access to the Special Concentration in Business Management, providing a complement to the strong liberal arts foundation of Columbia’s undergraduate curriculum.

Why Choose the Special Concentration?

Professor Modupe Akinola delivers a lecture at an industry event

Connecting Theory and Practice

The curricular and co-curricular programming of the Special Concentration in Business Management capitalizes on Columbia Business School’s ability to connect academic theory with real-world practice, providing undergraduate students with the opportunity to develop key leadership skills, an entrepreneurial mindset, and the ability to innovate.

Undergraduate students from Columbia College and General Studies in the Special Concentration in Business Management study the direct connection between finance and the fundamental principles of economics, the ways in which marketing utilizes concepts from psychology, and the ways in which management depends upon principles developed in psychology and sociology.

Warren Buffet speaks with Bill Gates during a university event

Exclusive Programming

The Mendelson Center for Undergraduate Business Initiatives offers opportunities for undergraduate students to gain additional business and leadership skills through co-curricular programming.

Students will have access to Columbia Business School faculty lecture series, industry panels, and other events; informal mentoring and networking activities with MBA students and alumni; research opportunities with Columbia Business School faculty; and guaranteed placement in popular undergraduate business courses.