The Finance Division at Columbia Business school has a track record of training scholars who go on to become academics at many of the world’s most prestigious institutions. 

Here is a list of placements, by year of graduation, over the past few years:


Year Name Initial Placement
2021 Aref Bolandnazar Texas A&M
2021 Adrien Alvero TRG Capital Management
2021 Christina Tessari Goldman Sachs
2021 Lira Mota MIT Sloan
2021 Renxuan Wang China Europe International Business School
2020 Rebecca De Simone London Business School
2020 Xiao Cen Texas  A&M
2020 Tuomas Tomunen Boston College
2020 Danqing Mei Cheung Kong GSB
2020 Yifeng Guo AQR Capital
2020 Yahui Yang Dimensional Fund Advisors
2019 Minchen Zheng Man Group Hedge Fund
2019 Ruoke Yang Imperial College, London (postdoc)
2018 Ran Xu Boston Ccllege
2018 Joshua Mitts Columbia Law School
2018 Zoi Melina Papoutsi  European Central Bank
2017  Pablo Slutsky Robert Smith, University of Maryland
2017 Ye Li Fisher,  Ohio State
2015 Jaehyun Cho QMS Capital Management
2015 Bingxu Chen Soros Fund Management
2014 Mattia Landoni Cox, Southern Methodist University
2014 Bronson Argyle Marriott, BYU
2014 Jun Kyung Auh McDonough, Georgetown
2014 Zhongjin Lu Terry, University of Georgia