Ryan Dew

Ryan Dew
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Ryan Dew has always enjoyed using data to tell stories and make informed decisions. He chose to focus his research interest in marketing because the field is rapidly growing and constantly evolving with interesting problems and data types –- a perfect fit for self-proclaimed ‘data nerds’ like himself.

Dew decided to pursue his PhD in Marketing at Columbia Business School because of the faculty. “The CBS marketing faculty are a diverse, creative, and brilliant group of scholars, which was the primary draw for me to do my PhD there. The department as a whole is tremendously collegial, and fun to interact with, both during work, and outside of work. The faculty are tremendously broad in their interests, and supportive of students. It is an ideal environment for creative researchers interested in cutting-edge methods to flourish.” As a student, he found Professor Asim Ansari’s Bayesian Modeling and Computation seminar to be the highlight of his course works.

Dew is currently an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. His research explores how modern machine learning and computational techniques can empower managers to make better decisions, specifically in the fields of customer relationship management, preference measurement, and branding.