What make the faculty at Columbia Business School unique? According to four recent Executive MBA alumni, the faculty are brilliant and accessible, and quickly become the foundation of your network. Learn more about Columbia Business School’s highly-regarded and supportive faculty through the eyes of our students.​

Columbia Business School faculty members are an impressive group, bearing the academic tradition of Ivy League excellence. World renowned, they are engaged in ground-breaking research. Further, they are so attuned to what’s happening in business that they are shaping its future.

Access to knowledge. A few things you may not know about our faculty members:

  • They are abundantly approachable, welcoming EMBA students and encouraging thoughtful dialogue and divergent points of view.
  • Professors routinely partner with businesses in New York and around the world to test, refine, and implement innovative ideas. Their research influences what’s happening in business today.
  • There are no barriers between academic disciplines: Professors share lectures in core classes, resulting in a holistic approach to learning.
  • Thanks to the School’s location in New York City, you’ll get to know top business executives who serve as adjuncts, guest speakers in class, and Executives in Residence. They teach, network, give one-on-one advice, and build relationships with students that often continue well past graduation.